#MeToo: what should men do?

Friends, I think it is time to address the elephant in the room- #MeToo. Women in India (and elsewhere) are rising in massive numbers to report cases of sexual harassment and assault. What should men do? How should they react? To decent men who are wondering what they should do at this moment: speak out … Continue reading #MeToo: what should men do?



One of the greatest archaeological discoveries in modern times is the library of Ashurbanipal in the Assyrian city of Nineveh, where there were tens of thousands of tablets with gorgeous Akkadian cuneiform text. This is an image of a portion of the epic of Gilgamesh from Nineveh, now at the British Museum. I hope to … Continue reading Nineveh

A brief history of the history of timekeeping

We take for granted that things are as they should be often without understanding why. Clock hands move "Clockwise" because they followed sundials. If human civilizations had developed primarily in the Southern Hemisphere, "clockwise" would be in the opposite direction. Do you ever wonder why there are 60 seconds to a minute and 60 minutes … Continue reading A brief history of the history of timekeeping