Climate change and a horror story

Here is a fantastic, nearly implausible story about how climate change in the early 1800s lead to one of the most iconic horror stories in history. The year 1816, was known throughout Europe as "the Year Without a Summer". There was snow in June and July and massive food shortages. Overall, there were drastic weather … Continue reading Climate change and a horror story



Is the world becoming a more intolerant place? Of course, I can’t answer that question objectively, but it certainly feels that way these days. What seem to me to be in short supply are empathy and humility. So many people I come across seem to have all the right answers, so much that they are … Continue reading Listen.

Life, or some approximations of it.

The miracle of life isn’t only that we are born, but that we live for any appreciable time after that, given the frailty of existence. Each of us is a highly-porous container in which thermodynamically unfavorable reactions are coupled with ATP hydrolysis to keep us “alive". Life is not meaningless because it is a chain … Continue reading Life, or some approximations of it.