Facile technology for warding off the evil-eye: inexpensive “nazar suraksha”

Abstract: The “evil-eye” better known as nazar is a severely detrimental energy field that impacts the well-being of individuals in South Asia. Previously, others have demonstrated the effectiveness of the evil-eye deterring pendant known as Nazar Suraksha Kawach which works by interfering the dangerous frequencies of the evil-eye. However, this is inadequate since the protective rays are blocked by layers of clothing and temperatures above and below room-temperature. Further, the pendant must always be in the line-of-sight of the nazar.  Therefore, an effective evil-eye deterring system which would be effective under all circumstances was desperately needed. Here, were describe a facile evil-eye deterring system that counters both the emission of evil-eye rays of the nazarwale and the reception in the brain of the nazarlagi.

Introduction: The evil-eye is the most detrimental cause of lack of progress in South Asia. Earlier scientific studies including television commercials have demonstrated that when individuals either related or unrelated look at others with jealousy or “extreme love” they case nazar or the evil-eye-induced harm (Figure 1).

Nazar is well known in popular culture too. For example, in the film Sasural, Rafi sahab sang the line “Teri pyari pyari soorat ko kisiki nazar na lage” (Your lovely, lovely face anyone’s evil-eye not touch) which is a very strong argument for the existence of this form of jealous energy.

Figure 1: mechanism of action of evil-eye

Women in South Asia have known this for ages and have often drawn a spot on their face to ward off the evil eye. But this is uneffective. According to the television commercial “extreme neurotic rays” converge on the center of the brain and are shot out of the eyes like red arrows created using Microsoft PowerPoint (Figure 1).  These arrows enter the head of the unfortunate recipient and “cause mental disturbance” which casts a dark cloud on the future. Evil-eye technology and other companies have come up with a Nazar Suraksha Kawach which emits blue cooling rays that intercept the red nazar rays much like arrows in B.R. Chopra’s  mythological television serial Mahabharat. Nazar interception may have also been the driving force behind President Ronald Reagan’s ill-fated “Star Wars” program.

There are a number of problems with the evil-eye deterring pendant that independent observers have noticed. First, it is not effective at temperatures above 24 degree Centigrade or below 18 degree Centigrade. The “ions” get restless under either condition. Second, the protective rays don’t work when the pendant is covered by layers of clothing, humidity is high, or the nazar enters through the back of the head. Finally, the cost for a set of evil-eye deterring pendants can run in the hundreds of dollars.

Therefore it was necessary to come up with a cost-effective method to ward off the evil-eye. In this research paper, we  present facile technology for warding off the evil-eye.

Figure 2: Current protection against evil-eye

Our approach was simple. Since anyone can give off rays through the evil-eye or nazar (even unknowingly), it would be best to filter these rays out completely. So we designed glasses coated with five layers of nazar-protecting material (Figure 3). Now when you wear these glasses (which have been scientifically proven to work), harmful rays can not come out of your eyes. They may look like ordinary sunglasses, but they are not. They have been tested in a nazar chamber with various saasbaahu (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) pairs from desi teleserials.

To protect the brain from nazar rays already in the atmosphere, we designed the nazar-reflective helmet. This may look like an ordinary baseball cap with a bit of aluminum foil over it, but it is not.  It has undergone extensive testing and bears the ISO 90210 seal of approval. It is a protective device that will reflect all evil-eye rays and boomerang them back to the evil-eye-caster.

To order these two life-saving products please leave your name, address, and credit card information in the comments section of this article. It is our hope that finally, through the use of these two devices the menace known as nazar will finally be eradicated from South Asia.

Figure 3: A new effective system for blocking nazar (the evil-eye)

Can you afford to live your pathetic life in abject despair? We say no! Order now.

This is the second installment of a new series of posts on schemes that will help you either get rich fast or get lynched by an angry South Asian mob. To read the first installment click here.

Disclaimer: I guess I should tell people that nazar is real but the rest of the post is a joke, but I won’t. Go ahead. Do your worst. Cast the evil-eye. I’ll be waiting with my helmet and glasses.

Also worth reading Yogesh’s account of how you can make money by importing the Kawach from other countries.

Fair-use rationale for images: All images are low-resolution. Figures 1 and 2 are used only for purposes of demonstration for no monetary gain where a free alternative does not exist. The new product image (Figure 3) was taken by me and created using PowerPoint. Please feel free to share, but attribute the source, m’kay?

© Text, 2010-2012, Anirban


17 thoughts on “Facile technology for warding off the evil-eye: inexpensive “nazar suraksha”

  1. These rays from eyesremind me so much of the war sequences i saw in Ramayana…Thoe arrows with all tgheir viguor used to flow nd so deos these eye rays!!

    Lovedddddddddd that helmet thing Ani…U ra genius..It cracked me laughing..

    1. Thank you Nish. I am trying to figure out what program the arrows are made with. Probably Pinnacle or some low-end video editing software.

  2. As always, AWESOME!! 🙂

    You beat me to posting something on the Nazar Kawach. So instead, here is my version

    Keep posting.. waiting to see the next installment. I think the next should be on those slimming medicines.. or alternatively, how to make people THINK you are slim.

    1. Yogesh, I am going to link your post in mine. I knew you were going to write on an arbitrage opportunity, so I took a different angle. You’re spot on. A family friend who recently returned from Cyprus also mentioned that they were much cheaper in there.

      Thanks also for the suggestion. This one to a lot of time to get together, so I’m going to wait until lightning strikes for the next post.

  3. Ya I think that ur design is better, but I still doubt that what when sm one is in sm party and function where u need to remove glasses and cap?……

  4. Awesome…. your posts are of a different league altogether.Intelligent and funny. I have to admit that there are some key members in my family who believe in the nazar factor. They do not share good news and never wear anything fancy. It is sad but an every day way of life among ‘nazar’ fearing folks.Loved it !! Enjoy the long weekend !!

    1. Thanks, for reading Gurdit. The idea was inspired by comments in the previous post and it came to me immediately. From concept to creation took much longer.


  5. Yeah, who wants to lead pathetic life in abject despair? Not me, but I also am concerned about the fashion implications of your scheme; however, I also understand the proven unreliability of said Nazar Suraksha Kawach. What to do? I am hoping scientists will go back to the drawing board and perhaps study animals in labs in the act of giving the evil eye, perhaps like this one here


    which will allow them to make further advances in warding it off. Simply stated I want a fashion forward AND a reliable means to a cure. Keep me posted. Thank you for helping to both raise awareness AND to find a cure. Godspeed to you!

    All the best!

    1. Hi Sitaji,

      That is an excellent photo. I am guessing that the powerful rays are coming from the eyes of an “icchadhari nag” (shapeshifting snake). Is it from Nagina?

      I am looking for a fashionable label to market different designs for the glasses and the helmets.

      1. You’re very close, the image is not from “Nagina,” but from “Nigahen: Nagina Part II” (1989). Ah, if you get the fashionable label to cooperate, the sky is the limit!

  6. i was just thinking of putting this Nazar Suraksha Kawach to the ultimate test.How about getting these installed all across our borders.Can then rest and relax in peace.China should stop taking us over and Pakistan can ruin itself like Afghanistan over wars among their own tribes after everything.
    Fun reading ur posts as usual…and all that cyber creativity never fails to amaze me 🙂

  7. I want to place an order, but I would like to get a few things clarified first. Can I nullify the effect of nazar by my own nazar? Can I escape someone’s nazar by just protecting my head and eyes? I can’t wear protection for eyes and head all the time – can I have some Complan/Boost type suraksha that would make me nazar-safe from inside?

    Thank you

    1. Unless you suffer from total internal reflection of nazar at unfortunate angles, these items will work. Head and eye protection works against nazar well. We are currently developing anti-nazar nanoparticles that will work internally as well.


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