A review of a pre-globalization society as determined from Maine Pyar Kiya

Civilized cultures existed in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Similarly, intelligent life-forms existed in South Asia before the proliferation of cable television, cineplexes, shopping centers, cell phones, and the Internet. Using the cultural keystone Maine Pyar Kiya, I have attempted to painstakingly piece together details about the life of the “common person” as he or she lived in the era predating globalization.

I present a Short Metaphysical and Anthropological Treatise on a Pre-Globalization Society in South Asia as Determined from Sooraj Barjatya’s Maine Pyar Kiya. If I have succeeded in presenting a snapshot of life in that long-gone era, I will consider my life to not have been spent in vain.

Suffice it to say that the Age of Maine Pyar Kiya was for all means and purposes an idyllic one.  However, there were cultural iconoclasts at odds with the prevailing customs of the day (cf. random grumpy faces). Deconstructing the themes leads us to the conclusion that there is irreducible complexity in Maine Pyar Kiya

More Bollywood Science here.

Disclaimer: These are my personal views and do not necessarily represent the position of the scholarly community. Fair-use rationale for images: All images are low-resolution and used only for purposes of demonstration for no monetary gain where a free equivalent is not available. Copyright of original works resides with the original creator (most likely Rajsri Pictures).

© Text, 2010-2012, Anirban


18 thoughts on “A review of a pre-globalization society as determined from Maine Pyar Kiya

    1. Haah… good question. The time spent here should be utilized in working out. On the other hand 25 posts in 6 months isn’t too bad. 😛

      1. You are putting me to shame…I think my blog is about 3 years old and I’m at around 110 posts or something, and they’re inconsistent, of varying quality and quantity (and theme as well).

    1. This was the absolutely first Hindi movie that I was crazy about. So it is very difficult for me to be to be objective about it.

      This post kind of requires that you see the movie back when V.P. Singh was Prime Minister and “Paap ko jalakar rakh kar doonga” was playing in theatres.. Yeah, things were kind of crazy back then, huh?

    1. Jaky, sometime in the mid-Nineties, Salman started getting in all sorts of trouble (mostly off camera). But the first few years of his career, from Maine Pyar Kiya to Saajan, he was going places!

      Girls loved him and guys wanted to be like him. I haven’t seen this sort of adulation with any other star since then, maybe with the exception of Hrithik ten years later. We have to keep in mind that Aamir had craptastic roles early on and Shahrukh hit off in negative roles (so nobody wanted to be him).

  1. I am delighted to know the actual science behind the movie. It was MPK that first clued me in to the frequent use of the term “Five Star Hotel!” in Bollywood, which is used only slightly less that the term “rich industrialist.” Ultimately, MPK took me to a path leading to this treasure of a film: Janani http://bit.ly/aVKE5l

    Thanks to you for pointing out the science of Bollywood!

    1. And thank you for reading!

      Because Bhagyashee decided to quit movies after this one and then changed her mind and decided to do movies with only her husband, we never got to find out her true potential. Instead, post MPK she acted in some real duds like “Payal”. She made a comeback of sorts years later, and she still looks remarkably young.

      “Five star” is a general Indianism – THE epitome of greatness. We even have a candy-bar called “5 star.” 🙂


      Take care.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha! The random gallery of upset faces was hilarious! 😀 I am laughing and chuckling away and people in my office are wondering what the hell is going on 🙂
    You have a new subscriber, Anirban! 🙂

  3. you forgot to mention that salman khan has posters in his room as english songs were in rage at that time and also his car had stickers all over it and he used to wear raybans, India was becoming american in every way possible

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