A godless life

If you are reading this, then chances are you know me well enough to know that I lead a godless life, by which I mean that I do not believe in the assumed power of gods and goddesses (either in the singular or plural) to exert any control over anyone’s life. The perceivable world is chaotic, but deterministic. The underlying quantum framework may or may not be. We do not know yet. But to me, life exists solely and completely within the realm of physical laws, chemical reactions and biological imperatives. I find no evidence to convince me that there are any preordained moral hierarchies holding the universe in its place.

I also respect those who do not agree with my view. Most of the people I have met in my life are religious. And most of the people I have met, irrespective of whether they are religious or not, are good people. For most people, religion is needed to fill a void. Others, like me, who do not believe in divine powers, have quite different philosophies to address the void. What is common to the human condition is the void that needs filling.

I accept as reality that this life, of finite duration, is all that I have. I cannot honestly believe in an afterlife. It is that simple. You simply cannot fake what you believe in by going through the motions. You may think that all of this is a form of nihilism, but I think the opposite is true. Life is precious, precisely because it is finite. We are the ones that almost never made it. Yet despite the inconceivable odds, we are here, and this is life, happening right now. And life will continue to happen as we search for and give our own meaning to it, or abandon any hope of finding one. It is a sobering thought: that although we are tiny in the grand scheme of things, we must take responsibility for our own actions, because there is no one else who can.


3 thoughts on “A godless life

  1. I don’t know how long I’ve been subscribed to your blog, but I’ve known for a while that you don’t believe God exists.

    It doesn’t make any sense to me how anyone could deny the obvious design in our world. Purpose automatically screams design. Food exists to nourish you, plus it pleases your taste buds; thus, purpose. Video games are so obviously designed that no one would ever question whether there are designers. But games are MODELED after the great complexity of life! How could you not see the design?

    Believe what you will. I’ll pray for you.

    1. What to you think is the purpose of “god” if indeed he/she exists? Why has he/she created the universe? What does he/she get out of spawning so many destinies and perpetuating them forever and ever? ( I’m not trying to troll, just questions I’ve had in mind)

  2. You often write what/how I think but can’t write in a well-phrased, well-structured manner as you can 🙂
    Nevertheless, Argentina lifts the cup 😛

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