Queen Elizabeth Washington Gandhi… jai ho!

This is a low-resolution image of a full-page ad by Society for Human Resource Management which I just saw this morning.

Because it is in the Economist, it is almost mandatory for Elizabeth Regina’s visage to be part of the composite, but there is also the inclusion of two other staunchly anti-royalist personalities.

A curious mix, indeed.

I was pleased to see that it least in someone’s opinion the rupee was worthy of rubbing shoulders with the pound and the dollar.

And then I became suspicious. Where is China? Why isn’t the yuan represented at all?

I’m pretty sure Chairman Mao would have rolled his eyes at the thought.

Final thoughts: I’ve cross-posted this on my new “microblog”, Arbit ka Paratha. I’ll be posting my unbaked thoughts as well as links to other sites, quiz questions, audio clips, and video links over there.

Dear reader(s), rest assured: I’ll continue writing the low-quality posts for It’s a Miracle! that you’ve come to expect.


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