Taking a leap into quantum jumping?

I just found this interesting website that promises to provide tips on how you can transform yourself into a "universe-hopping utopian being." It is about this technique called "quantum jumping," by which you can enter into a parallel universe and get insights from alternate twin versions of yourself. The Digital Silver Version costs only $97  … Continue reading Taking a leap into quantum jumping?

Legal drinking age in India?

A report in the Times of India states that in Delhi anyone over the age of 21 can serve drinks at bar and restaurants in the state due to new legislation, but they still cannot legally drink until they turn 25! I am not saying that the validity of this ludicrous law has any real-world … Continue reading Legal drinking age in India?

Not all Nobel Prizes are equal

As this years Nobel Laureates collect their prizes, a post in The Great Beyond mentions that winners in future years might actually get less prize money. The Nature blog quotes a story in Reuters which states that the Nobel Foundation has taken a 20% hit in assets due to the global recession. On Twitter, Jason … Continue reading Not all Nobel Prizes are equal